Hiway 80 Rescue Mission in Longview is helping more than 200 people find shelter from the cold weather. The shelter is so packed they have now placed mats on the floor for people to sleep.

Below freezing temperatures are very dangerous. If your body temperature reaches a certain point you can catch hypothermia or even die.

Hiway 80 Associate Director, Rusty Fennell tells me homeless people aren't the only ones coming in for shelter. He says some people have shelter but don't have any heat, might be a good time for them to come in also.:"

The Rescue Mission isn't turning anyone away, regardless if they're in Longview or Tyler. Fennell says he encourages anyone who sees someone out in the cold to refer them to a shelter.

Due to so many people staying at the shelter, Hiway 80 is looking for food and clothes donations. If you would like to donate please drop them off at either Longview or Tyler location.