LONGVIEW - When educators retire, they want peace of mind knowing they have a health care system that will take care of them. Teachers tell CBS 19 Governor Greg Abbott's plans for them has good intentions, but it is not effective. The Gregg County Courthouse lawn was draped with educators in red. Their message was clear.

Teachers, principles, and superintendents took stand against the state legislature. They're looking to achieve a better health care system for their future. Suzanne Bardwell a retired teacher, with more than 30 year of experience said she was promised: a stable pension plan and sound health insurance. Bardwell said the pension she paid into goes towards buying perscriptions and health care.

"It's going to be very difficult to depend on that for a living," Bardwell said. To supporters like Tim Lee, the executive director of the retired teacher association, he said the current health care plan for them isn't up to par.

"They retire with two thousand dollars a month or less with no social security and now health care cost are going to go high as 10 thousand dollars," Lee said.

Educators told CBS they are state employees, but they as if they aren't treated like one. The same energy they put into looking out for children is the same effort they desire for a better health care.

Lee said in Texas, teachers pay for healthcare more than any tax payer.