On World Teachers Day, a day to celebrate those who have shaped the lives of so many, teachers at All Saints Episcopal School shared their experiences.

Cindy Pointer is on her thirty-first year of teaching, and she had no idea it was World Teacher's day. She teaches a STEM lab and said the most rewarding part about teaching is seeing the joy her kids get from learning.

"When they're actually doing an activity, and you hear those little squeals of excitement because they're seeing something work that they didn't know was possible. Those are the moments I teach for," Pointer said.

She said if the kids love being with you, they will also love learning with you.

Her classroom has a 3D printer where kids are able to create all things from pencil boxes to Christmas ornaments. Right now, her third graders are working on making spiders.

After more than three decades of teaching, she shared some advice for new teachers.

"The first thing I had to learn was I needed to find a peer teacher I could go and visit and just have adult conversation with," she said, giggling a bit.

First-year algebra teacher Taylor Garrett agreed with the advice.

"Oh, heck yeah!," he said. "I had a mentor, who is also a peer, and I was able to go in his class and sit down and watch him teach."

Garrett teaches at All Saints and is also an assistant football coach at the school.

He started out working in the oil and gas industry, but quickly realized it was not for him because he wanted to do something where he was able to give back to the community.

"I've had people in my life who have taught me and given me things to push me where I'm at now. If I can kind of give that back. It's what I want to do," Garrett said.