The Eastman Company has chosen a new contractor for their manufacturing plant in Longview. More than 200 jobs will be affected by the transition.

The United States Warn Act requires any company with more than 100 employees to announce plant closings or mass layoffs. The Eastman Company informed the Texas Workforce Commission.

The company released this statement in regards to their compliance with the Warn Act.

"After an extensive and thoughtful review of several contractors’ bids, Eastman has selected Partner Industrial to provide soft civil crafts and other secondary services for its Longview, Texas, site. This selection ensures Eastman’s cost position for those services is competitive and in line with the market.

The bidding process is pursuant to Eastman’s policy to periodically request bids for services contracts to ensure Eastman’s service providers’ services and associated costs are competitive in their respective industries. Eastman’s external service providers are key partners in our efforts to continually improve cost and quality while driving growth."

The Brock Group is the currently contractor and has been working for Eastman since March 2014. They will be replaced by Partner Industrial in August.

The Brock Group released this statement on the transition:

"The Brock Group has notified the Texas Workforce Commission of a layoff of all employees serving the Eastman Chemical facility in Longview, Texas.

Following a competitive bidding process for soft civil crafts services, currently provided by Brock at the Longview, Texas site, Eastman recently informed Brock that a new provider has been selected and the current contract for services will conclude in August 2017.

Brock has notified employees at the facility and encouraged those affected to apply for similar, and soon to be available, positions with the new contract holder. Brock will continue to support employees and Eastman during the transition process. The Brock Group is a leading provider of industrial specialty services to clients around the world, with headquarters in Houston, TX, and operating units in the United States and Canada.

The company supports routine maintenance, turnarounds and capital projects by providing services including scaffolding and work access, insulation, coatings/linings, and asbestos abatement, as well as additional associated services."

Brock Group officials have encouraged the more than 200 people affected to apply for their positions with Partner Industrial.