For nearly 40 years, 82-year-old Aaron Higgins and his wife lived together in Reklaw and he's grateful to have a home for that long. When an EF-2 tornado blew by their house, Higgins felt that his home was even more of a blessing.

"Only by the grace of God that the house still stands," Higgins said.

Compared to the times he's braved hurricanes in Beaumont, this tornado to him, was frightening. Higgins didn't bother to check outside after the storm passed.

To his surprise, the next morning, Higgins described his house to have been covered with trees.

"People on the road couldn't see our house," Higgins said.

The 82-year-old had friends and neighbors help him move the broken trees and limbs away from his home.

Some trees appeared to have snapped or been pulled from the roots. Despite all the damage around his house, not one tree hit his home.

Higgins said it'll take about a year to clean up what is left from the storm. It did not seem to bother him, however, Higgins said he's grateful to still have a roof over his head. Something he said he'll always remember.