Investigators are looking into what exactly caused Elder's Furniture & Antique Repair Shop to catch on fire. It's a heartbreaking moment Elder Quintero's family, expressed to CBS 19 the incident could have been worse.

So much hard work and dedication was put into furniture repair shop- that used to stay on Troup highway. Quintero's son, Elder Jr. said he was passionate about his job. The place he once called work was gone and it suddenly became a void that's difficult to fill. His skills are something customers said he took pride in. Jan Fletcher's maple inn table was lost in the fire, but she wanted him to fix one of its broken legs.

"He enjoyed his work, he's was a craftsman," Fletcher said.

Quintero's family said he's a dedicated craftsman who still works at the age of 80. His love so strong for his business and his customers. While his shop was on fire, Quintero went back inside to try and save some of his customer's belongings. The flames forced him out, which left him with second degree burns.

Anything and everything around his shop were burned to a crisp. Elder Jr. said his father is upset he could not save much. However, customers like Fletcher said material items can be replaced.

"These people have lost everything they've owned," Fletcher said.

Quintero's family informed CBS 19 that he's expected to be okay. He's at the Parkland Burn Center in Dallas. Fire investigators believe a space heater may have caused the fire. While the investigation is on-going, Quintero's family is faced with a monumental task of cleaning up.

A GoFundMe page was created to help the Quintero family. Those who want to lend a hand can click here.