Elijah’s Retreat has not only opened their doors to families with autistic children but also, their hearts. Located in Jacksonville and equipped with acres of land filled with cabins, playgrounds and even a creek for families facing autism.

Named after his grandson, Elijah, Jeff Moore hopes Elijah’s Retreat can be a place where families can enjoy a time of refreshment from the craziness of life.

Elijah’s Retreat has been called a home away from home for over 450 families facing autism over the last decade.

During their time at the retreat, children can interact with the horses, walk the many trails and enjoy the three playgrounds provided for them.

Included on the retreat are three two bedroom cabins that include a full bath and kitchen, washer and dryer and more. Information on reservations and more about Elijah’s Retreat can be found on www.elijahsretreat.com.