TYLER-It took just a few kicks for Jake Walters to land a spot on the Elkhart football team. Walters joined the elks last year and while he hoped to be a quarterback, he ended up landing a spot as the team's kicker. Despite this being his only year kicking at the varsity level, he was good enough to land an offer from Howard Payne.

"Well it's my only offer and I think it's something more interesting than just going to Lone Star, and not playing sports at all and I feel like it would be able to give me the opportunity for maybe another position and to broaden my athleticism," says Walters.

Part of the reason he was able to land a college offer is due to his straight-forward approach to kicking.

"I kicked on JV when I was in Willis. I did a couple of things with the varsity kickers but, really there's nothing to think about except with what you're going to do later because there's nothing really to it once you have the consistency down with the footsteps, and you can hit basically anything from anywhere or any hash-mark, " explains Walters.

Both Walters, and his head coach Samuel Wells were selected to the 2017 FCA All Star team. While they are connected on the field, they're also connected off it.

"He came in and of course I've known him my whole life he's my nephew too so that's kind of double up there but, he's a done a tremendous job and is a tremendous weapon for us to have and anytime we got in the 25 or so we were going to score no matter what and that was huge for us this year," says Wells.

As Walters wraps up his high school career, he's excited for what the future holds.

"At least I get the opportunity to go to a college and go to this all-star game you know it could be worse life could be worse."