NACOGDOCHES - Nacogdoches County Sheriff's office recently launched an investigation into a local building contractor who's accused of bilking homeowners out of thousands of dollars.

Sheriff Investigators received an initial complainant that Richard Epps, 56, was building a house for a family in the Etoile area. During the construction process, it has been revealed that Epps has stolen more than 100K from the home owner and that Epps did not provide services that was agreed upon and took money that was supposed to be spent on the house that was being built.

Epps has admitted to NCSO investigators that he used the money on other construction projects and for personal use. Sheriff Office investigators have been able to verify that the homeowner has suffered a loss of nearly $175,000.00 dollars to Richard Epps who is operating a construction business by the name of 2 Bar E.

Since the initial complainant, the Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office has fielded more complainants against Richard Epps. The Sheriff Office believes that Epps may have defrauded several more people in Nacogdoches County and estimate more than 1 million dollars may have been stolen or scammed from area residents.

NCSO investigators also have learned that more people in Cherokee County may have also fell victim to Epps ongoing crime spree. It is believed that Epps is also conducting business in other States as well.

Epps was booked into the Nacogdoches County Jail for the offense of Theft a 3rd felony. His bond has been set at $15,000 dollars. Epps is currently on parole by the Texas Department of Corrections for the charge of Murder until 2029.

Sheriff Jason Bridges stated that the Sheriff Office has several more ongoing investigations into Epps, and that more additional charges are expected to be filed.

Sheriff Bridges stated that we encourage anyone in Nacogdoches County to come forward if they have been deceived by Epps.