For some, decorating for Halloween is almost like Christmas. There's lights, props, and even displays that transform the entire yard.

One family in Whitehouse has been turning their house into a spooky experience for over 20 years.

Teddy Saul and his wife have been keeping Halloween alive, bringing in hundreds of people from across East Texas every year.

"I met a lady once. She bought a map... to find our house." Saul said.

They take everyday things like dog parks and lakes and make it a spooky experience.

Saul's wife also makes some of the Halloween props. This year she made ghost ballroom dancers after a woman gave her a female dancer.

There's also a movie shown every year. This year it's The Haunted Mansion. Saul passes out popcorn and soda to the trick-or-treaters for them to enjoy with the movie.

Everyone is invited to 211 Stacy Dr. in Whitehouse. The decorations will be up rain or shine.