Dr. Ernesto Lugo, a physician at ER Hospitality, said December is the peak time of contracting the flu. He said flu season would be around possibly till February, however, this year's season has kept him busy. The doctor said he's seen an increase of patients this year.

Walgreen's Flu Index showed areas like Tyler and Longview as one of the top three collective cities in the nation with high flu activity. The index also ranked Texas as one of the top five states with the highest cases.

At first, Dr. Lugo said he was treating one-to-two patients a day. Suddenly, he's treating up to 20 for flu symptoms. Lugo said people should be cognitively alert of people around them. He said the flu is type of virus that involves close contact. A couple of common mistakes Dr. Lugo said people make are: approaching others who show signs of a sickness (runny nose or cough).

"Keeping your hands clean and keeping them away from your face is crucial to minimize the risk of the transition of the illness," Dr. Lugo said. "If you're feeling bad and you think you have the flu - you need to get checked out."

Dr. Lugo said it helps to keep an environment clean. He said keep disinfectants wipes and spray, along with hand sanitizer around. Lugo said the most common places his patients get sick from are: school and their work place.