After receiving a call from a concerned citizen, the Pegasus Project responded quickly to an emergency situation regarding a Filly that had been down for a few days.

"I got an email from a women telling me she had a baby horse down on her property…the horse had been down for five days and no one had came to help her, she said she had been taking care of this entire herd they belong to her neighbor, who hadn't been feeding them," said Allyson DeCanio, Pegasus Project President

Monday night, the team responded to the concerning information to find out it was a much worse situation then they thought.

"The owner had been notified by other neighbors, and he didn't care, they even went back and told him 'you have a horse down' and according to her, she said he told the neighbor if she gets up she gets up," said DeCanio.

Not only was a young horse down, but the rest of the herd hadn't been taken care of either.

According to the neighbor, she had been feeding the herd since December.

The Filly was in such bad shape, the organization felt they needed to remove her, for fear she might die.

"It was very clear to us the horse was likely to die if we hadn't removed the horse immediately," said DeCanio

The owner has been charged with animal running at large, but the organization is pushing for more chargers due to the severity of neglect.

"That's the terminology they use in Texas, cruel treatment includes unreasonably deprived of food, care, and shelter and this little horse was unnecessarily deprived of food, care, and shelter," said DeCanio

The filly will continue rehabilitation at the ranch. The other 10 horses that were found on the property have been signed over to the SPCA of Dallas per the owner.