If you've been through the square in downtown Palestine, you've passed the old Anderson County Jail.

The building was originally built in the 1800's and then rebuilt in the 1930's on top of the original jail which was where the gallows were located.

The Anderson County jail through small town tales has been rumored to be haunted, but that doesn't stop Jeremy and Sonia from calling the old jail, home along with the energies and spirits that might as well.

Not only have Sonia and Jeremy seen some sort of activity while living there, but so have volunteers and visitors.

"We have a lot of volunteers who come down with bruises claiming something grabbed them." said Jeremy Janz.

Strange sounds, knocking and shadows have been reported.

"I was decorating really late and we had all of this paper on the floor we were making a cave out of and it sounded like someone was walking on the paper and then I started to hear a whisper." said Sonia Martinez.

Paranormal investigators have visited the historic jail and have all felt some sort of presence from the third floor.

Sonia and Jeremy say even though the building looks vacant, it's not and they're willing to open their doors up for those interested in the mysteries that lie behind them.