About 25 percent of children who are born with congenital heart defects need heart surgery or other interventions to survive, according to the American Heart Association.

Karter and Garrett fall into that percentage.

"So he has had three open heart surgeries when he was six days old, five months old and a year and a half and it has rerouted all of the blood goes through the right side that does all the work for both sides of the heart." said Heidi Vining, Garrett's mother.

"So we've had two open heart surgeries at four months and now when she was six." said Tara McHam, Karter's mother.

Both Karter and Garrett are now seven and living their lives with no limits.

"Our life is just a normal life, we might have a few extra doctors appointments here and there but we don't let it limit us, we don't let it take over our family." said McHam

Karter enjoys gymnastics while Garrett enjoys playing sports. His mother Heidi says she won't limit him, but he knows when to limit himself.

"Playing basketball and baseball and half the time you wouldn't know it, him running around. He might get out of breath a little bit but sometimes he would never know unless he raises his shirt up that he has a special heart." said Vining.