Party leaders in Smith County reacted to Donald Trump's refusal to say whether he would accept the November election returns following the final Presidential debate Wednesday night.

Brent Thompson, Chair of the Smith County Republican Party, says Trump was speaking to the larger issue of voter fraud.

"I think he was basically reflecting that in a quip manner with a one liner," Thompson said.

Like many Republican party members, Thompson explained away Trump's comment by saying the remark was nothing more than an ineloquent statement.

"If I was teaching a debate class at an Ivy League school, that's obviously not something you'd suggest your student do in a debate," Thompson said.

Which is why he hopes Trump changes his mind.

But after doubling down on his comments Thursday afternoon, Trump doesn't appear to be listening.

Something that troubles Smith County Democratic party chair Shirley Falzone.

Describing how she felt when she heard his comments, Falzone said she felt "Amazement. I guess is a good term. Surprise."

Hoping that after all votes are cast, Falzone said that "in the end we come back together as a country, and as citizens."