BULLARD - 13 school district representatives gathered in Bullard to discuss one the concerns that has school superintendents in an uproar, the 'A-F accountability' grading system. School districts received a letter grade, A through F. One way to determine what grade districts receive is depending on how students do on the STAAR test and their progress the following year.

Henderson ISD's superintendent Keith Bolls says the grading system doesn't justify his district. He agrees with other officials when they say the grades compare schools unfairly. His district received four C's and an F.

"it's a working progress, they're still trying to get the bugs out of it," Bolls said.

State Representative Matt Schaefer attended the meeting to get a better insight on what East Texas schools are facing. He said he's aware districts aren't in favor of the grading system.

"I don't think there's a consensus among educators that we need to move away from it," Schaefer said.

Bullard ISD's superintendent Todd Schnider said he understands how the new grading policy would offend districts, but he wants to see another method created to evaluate schools.

"It should be to accomplish and know we met a standard," Schnider said.

The superintendent said there should a way to break down data for districts to understand how they can make progress.