Behind all of the medals and ribbons is a man of valor, a survivor. Called to serve during the: Vietnam, Korean and the Cold War, Puett Willcox is believed to be one of the last ex prisoner of war from World War II who lives in East Texas.

At the young age of 19, Willcox faced death multiple times.

"I was never ever afraid," Willcox said.

His fighter plane was shot down while he was still on board. He said bullets missed him by inches. Then he was captured by the Nazi Germans, where he was their prisoner for a year.

"I survived a 700 mile death march for 90 days," Willcox said.

That whole time he was starved and malnourished. Willcox is a fighter, even being a prisoner of war didn't break his spirits. He said one of his father's life lessons helped him make it through those tough times.

"You always have to have a positive attitude," Willcox said.

He said it's the reason why he's lived for so long, but overall, he said he's humbled to serve his country for that long.