Early Friday, Aug. 25, 2017, the Regional Advisory Council sent another ambulance and a strike team leader from East Texas to help with medical evacuations in Houston, Victoria and Corpus Christi ahead of Hurricane Harvey according to Beth Powell, Emergency Task Force Management Coordinator for Region 4.

An AMBUS was deployed from Hopkins county yesterday, as well as a strike force comprised of units from multiple counties.

They met at staging in San Antonio where more than 150 ambulances gathered to help.

Today, the Hopkins Co AMBUS evacuated dozens of people in Victoria, TX, one of the hardest hit cities.
Once their missions were complete, the team rallied back at staging to shelter from the oncoming storm.

ETMC EMS Supervisor Roy Langford called in to CBS 19 for an exclusive update from the field in San Antonio.
Langford said his team arrived at midnight and were also sent to evacuate medical patients from Victoria, just 15 minutes after checking in.

He estimates first responders evacuated hundreds of patients from hospitals and nursing homes along the coast in just one day.

“We ended up carrying patients from those 3 hospitals and taking them to San Antonio to various locations,” Langford said. “When something like this happens, we come together. We look at each other as an EMS family to come together and help take care of the patients, to get them the care they need and out of harms way.”

Langford says they are waiting for their next directive but that may not come until the worst of the hurricane passes.

He expects they could evacuate more patients where the storm knocks out electricity. Just before 6 this evening, Langford was deployed along with 20 ambulances to evacuate in Lake Jackson.

The Regional Advisory Council has worked round the clock to coordinate statewide EMS agencies through their regional program. A group of ambulances deployed today from El Paso and Lubbock.

While emergency personnel are away from their normal posts, extra personnel fills-in at home to prevent a lapse in service to their communities.