New video from the Longview Police department showcased a man who is known as the 'Chameleon Beard Bandit". When he was in Longview, the man was wearing a dark colored hoodie. The video showed him brandishing his weapon and demanding money. The FBI said they believe he's armed and dangerous.

The unidentified man isn't showing signs of stopping, either. It was his sixth robbery when he was in Longview. The bureau said they don't know who he is, only his looks. It appears the robber changes his image every time he's seen. In each robbery, his beard is a different color, hence why he's dubbed the Chameleon Beard. Lauren Hagee, who's with the FBI, said they've pushed his picture everywhere.

Chameleon Beard was seen in North Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia. The FBI said he usually walks to the bank teller like he's a customer. He passes a note demanding money and that's when he pulls out a weapon. Each time he's being able to slip away in a small car, investigators are left hoping to catch him before he strikes again.

"We're offering a reward up to $10,000 dollars for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of him," Hagee said.

If and when Chameleon Beard is caught, the FBI said he'd face federal bank robbery charges. Plus, an additional charge for having a firearm.