A happy ending for one family in Kilgore, whose infant son would have died, if not for the life-saving measures performed by the ER team at Christus Good Shepherd Emergency Center.

After making a full recovery, family and baby reunited with the life-saving team on Wednesday.

Surrounded by loved ones and admirers, it's hard to believe that just two weeks earlier, 11-month-old Silas was fighting for his life.

His parents brought him to the emergency center in Kilgore for a mild case of pneumonia. But within minutes, Silas became sick and stopped breathing.

"We noticed he started throwing himself around and then his lips started turning blue. So, I ran and got the nurse. The nurses came back in and they tried to give him oxygen...breathing treatments real quick to try to open him up," father Derek Miller said.

Silas was swept up by nurses and taken into another room, where attending Nurse Mandy Goodsone remembered working for nearly an hour to revive him.

"We worked for about forty-five minutes until he was actually breathing on his own with a tube in place... intubated him so we could help him breathe, since he still wasn't breathing well," Goodsone said.

For Silas' father, it was nearly impossible to describe what he felt in that moment.

"There's no feeling to it. I mean...it's uh...very sickening," Miller said.

Silas' condition was so severe that he was life-flighted to the Children's Medical Center of Dallas. He spent the next three days, sedated in the ICU.

After his recovery, his mother said now she takes nothing for granted.

"It's amazing and it makes you not take anything for granted. You know, every cry, every laugh," Miller said.