After her niece is bit by a dog on New Years Eve, Amber Mayer is calling for the dog to be put down.

It's a battle that's been happening on the social media. The people of Hawkins going back and forth on what happened, past incidents, and what should happen to the Pit Bull.

Mayer, wasn't there when the dog bit her niece Elizabeth but tells CBS 19 the one part that everyone can agree on is that Elizabeth was reaching down to hug or pet the Pit Bull, Gracie. That's when she was bit in the face.

Elizabeth received 15 stitches and might have to undergo reconstructive surgery.

The 9-year-old has known and been around Gracie for over a year with no incident like this occurring in the past. Mayer even saying she's been to the property where the dog lives and it can be a sweet dog. She also brings up her love of Pit Bulls, mentioning always having one around when she was growing up.

It wasn't until after the bite on New Years Eve that she found out something she wished she had known sooner.

"I'm being flooded with all these different, all this different information about the dog being dangerous." Mayer said.

Mentioning she has spoken with the parent of another child who had been bit.

Neighbors mentioned witnessing just a few other instances of aggression from Gracie, but saying overall she's a pretty sweet and good dog.

Mayer is now calling for this dog to be put down.

The city ordinance says:

"The Chief of Police, Animal Control Officer, or other designee is authorized to: ....

(1) Impound any animal which has bitten a human..."

Another section gives authority to quarantine the animal at an animal shelter or vet clinic.

In another part it says:

"It shall be unlawful for any person, without regard to the person's mental state, to own or keep a dangerous dog or animal classified as dangerous by it's breed and nature within the city limits."

Dangerous was defined in the ordinance in part as:

"Any individual domestic animal of any species that has on previous occasion or occasions, with or without provocation, attacked, bitten, or mauled any person or other domestic animal."

For Mayer, quarantine is not good enough, but not because this is a Pit Bull...

I asked her, "It doesn't matter that it was a Pit Bull. Even if it was a Golden Retriever you would be wanting the same thing, correct?.

"Exactly, exactly. If it was a Chihuahua that had continuously bitten somebody. If it's going to continue to hurt people then I don't want it, no matter what breed it is." Mayer replied.

She also mentioned she would do the same if it were her own dog.