Several hundred people gathered Wednesday evening at Lanes Chapel United Methodist Church in Tyler as Kayla Gomez-Orozco was put to rest.

Friends, family, and community filled the room to say goodbye to the sweet little East Texas girl that touched so many hearts.

An inconsolable older brother, Kenneth Gomez-Orozco reminisced on the bond between he and his little sister.

"It breaks me to see my sister go," said Gomez-Orozco.

"Every night when I would come home from either work or school, she would wait on me, so that I could kiss her goodnight," he said.

Many mourning, but also celebrating a short, but beautiful life.

Kayla's uncle, Johnny Gonzalez, said Kayla was special.

"From the first moment until the last moment, she showed she was special," he said.

Many spoke of the 10-year-old who loved Jesus, loved to sing, and help her mother cook, and loved the color pink.

"She will continue being special, said Gonzalez. "Because she might not be with us physically, but she will forever live in our hearts," he said.

In the same way, she will live in the hearts of the entire community. A community that relentlessly shared her story, and helped search for her.

Gomez-Orozco shared a picture of the search, in which a red ray of light can be seen peeking through the clouds.

"This is early Saturday morning, some might say that's the rainbow, or the about to come out, but that happens to be the location where my sister was found.. she was making her way to heaven," said Kenneth.

Now, she's smiling down on all of us from heaven, just as she did on Earth.

"She transformed our lives," said Gonzalez.