GLADEWATER -It was a traffic stop that turned fatal. Officer Robert Carlen shot and killed 34-year old Patrick Wise. It all happened on the 1300 block of West Upshur.

CBS 19 acquired Carlsen's body camera video, going back to that night. As Carlsen approached the red truck, Wise revved his engine and sped off.

Robert Vine, Gladewater's Chief of Police said the driver [Wise] of the vehicle came to a stop, jumped out and continued to flee on foot.

Carlsen soon caught up with Wise and tried to taze him but was unsuccessful. Police said the two got into a physical confrontation. In the body camera, Wise can be heard saying he has a gun.

"I got your gun," Wise said. "What now?"

Then Wise proceeded to make a threat to the officer.

"Get on the ground now or I'll shoot you," Wise said. Officer Carlsen complied saying he's down.

Moments later, Wise said "get away from me" then the sound of gunshots.

Since the shooting there was a silent protest. It was believed, those who knew Wise said he was shot running away from Carlsen. An autopsy requested by the police stated Wise was facing Carlsen before he was shot.

Officer Carlsen was put on paid administrative leave. CBS 19 did not hear back from Wise's family to get their reaction to the new