The fight between two soccer organizations heats up. As part of the new Tyler city budget proposal, who controls Lindsey Park is up for grabs.

Walking around the park, you won't see anybody using the fields except for about 22 days out of the year.That's because the Tyler Soccer Association is in charge of who uses these fields at all times.

FC Dallas East Texas wants to co-exist, and they're hoping the City of Tyler takes their $20,000 proposal seriously.

Jeremy Bernard with FC Dallas East Texas said his teams play anywhere they can when in Tyler -- schools, privately owned fields and even pastures -- but never Lindsey Park. They aren't allowed to.

Which is why they are proposing a good chuck of change to lease it yearly.

"We looked at this as an opportunity," Bernard said. "The city is in a financial deficit and needed to find ways to maintain the city field and parks."

They don't pay anything right now since they can't use the fields. With more than 50 teams in East Texas -- and more than half of their players living in Tyler -- he says it's time TSA learns to share.

"We hope that will be able to keep the rec association fees low, and let some of the other organizations pick up some of the weight of the maintenance of the fields," he said.

Looking at the proposal from TSA to the city, the association is willing to open up its fields for practice during the week -- but only to teams in the association.

TSA president Randy Hill said the fields at Lindsey Park aren't ready to accommodate the association's team, much less another organization.

However, Bernard said he's making it work just fine in Longview, sharing fields at Lear Park with multiple club sports teams and rec associations.

The City of Tyler encourages anyone with concerns or questions to attend the city council meeting Wednesday morning at City Hall. There will be a final discussion about the budget before it's adopted.