"This is where I have been pretty much all week. I wanted to experience what it was like to be homeless, to help feed the homeless what better way of getting knowledge of what a homeless person does about to be homeless." Clint Benefield, owner of Vapor Galleria in Tyler said.

"I called the Salvation Army and they said they needed $2,500 to feed 1400 homeless people in Tyler. My first response was there's that many homeless people in Tyler? And I was unaware there's an actual tent cities here in Tyler that are not being noticed, there are people that need help." said Benefield.

"Original idea was for me to sleep on top the roof top of the building but the sales and leasing people said no this is my makeshift group top right here. This is pretty much your general scaffolding used in construction projects," Benefield explained "You're looking at probably 5 foot, by 4 foot wide. I've had a lawn chair, I've had an extension cord and that's basically it. This was my heat source, these lights."

In the end what were you able to raise?

"The full $2,500. Now I get ready for phase 2 when when I introduce my daughters to actually serving these homeless people that I've raised money for on Thanksgiving day." Benefield stated.

Benefield said he's "hoping to teach them to give back a little."

"People don't realize how hard it is to be out here begging for money or anything you can get," Benefield said, "I've learned to appreciate little things like taking a shower, I've learned to appreciate a pillow, I've learned appreciate sitting on the couch. He learned to appreciate the smaller things."

"Next year I may do things a little differently, but I plan on doing something." Benefield closed with.