The first Tyler screening of the award-winning independent film “Booger Red” drew a crowd of close to 100 East Texans to Liberty Hall Saturday Oct. 21.

Special guests included the real attorneys and defendants in the case, including Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly, Emmy Award winning director Berndt Mader and producer Johnny McAllister.

The independent film is about the 2009 – 2010 Mineola Swinger's Club trials and the search for the truth behind what was purported to be the largest child-sex ring in Texas history.

Reporter Michael Hall wrote a 2009 article for Texas monthly about the case, which cast doubt on the defendants' guilt.

The film follows a fictional reporter on an investigation in which he interviews the actual defendants and attorneys involved, and discovers that the allegations at the root of this case might be false.

Booger Red has screened at nearly 20 festivals worldwide including at the American Film Festival in Poland, which is a highly regarded international venue for American independent films.

It won a Special Jury Mention at the Dallas International Film Festival and Won the Grand Jury Prize for best film at the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

On Sunday, Oct. 22 the film was released on both iTunes and Amazon.

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