LINDALE - The suspect grabbed money from the cash register from Texas Best Smokehouse. The entire reason Lindale police initiated a high speed chase was because of word from the Smith County Sheriff's Office; they said it was a possible robbery.

The incident happened around nine in the morning. It was already on the assumption it was a robbery, thus, the Lindale Police officer were set up interstate 20 and waited for him to pass by the city. Officer Chris Dworaczyk said as soon as police lights were activated, the suspect wouldn't stop. Authorities said he was driving reckless, he reached 110 miles per hour. Dworaczyk siad the chase went on for about 30 miles.

"The chase actually began on 69 on I-20, mile marker 556," Dworaczky said. "At mile marker 522 the suspect vehicle was spiked."

The suspect then tried to run away, but he was soon caught. That's when authorities arrested 20 year old Alphonso McDade Jr, who's believed to be from Arlington. But, money wasn't the only thing stolen.

"During the investigation, the vehicle he was driving was confirmed stolen out of Dallas," Dworaczky said.

Police said the license plate on the car was stolen. Before the alleged theft happened in Smith county, investigators believe McDade is also a suspect in a theft of another store in Gregg county. According to police, McDade said he didn't stop because he didn't want to go to jail.

Lindale investigators say McDade is behind bars, waiting for bond and trial.