It has been nearly two weeks since 32-year-old Brandon Harward disappeared.

Don and Kimberly Stephens with First Response Search and Rescue are helping Brandon's mother Celeste look for him free of charge.

According to Celeste, Brandon is diagnosed with Asperger's Disease, a form of autism.

Their search and rescue dogs followed Brandon's scent along Shiloh Road until suddenly they stopped.

"We just lost it. We got a sneaking suspicion he got a ride because the next sightings were in downtown Tyler and then at Stanley's Barbecue," Don Stephens said.

But that hasn't kept Celeste from spending every minute of the day looking for him.

"I have been out daily for hours searching," Celeste Robison said.

The First Response Search and Rescue team says they will continue to help searching for Brandon and that they also are in need of volunteers.

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