COLLEGE STATION, Texas - If there's one thing Texans love more than football it's Texas style barbecue, and one local business owner is serving up barbecue so hot, it could give this Texas heat a run for its money. 

Some say the best way to find good barbecue is to follow your nose, and if you do it may lead you to DBQ BBQ, owned and operated by Derek Barre.  

"We serve brisket and sausage every day and we rotate between a few different meats like pork rib, pork tenderloin, pulled pork, jalapeno sausage and chicken", said Barre. 

The Austin native has been serving up Texas style barbecue for the last four years, but don't let his youthful exterior fool you. His unique way of preparing and smoking meat, keeps customers coming back for more. 

"I love the style of barbecue, it's not so rushed it's just nice and slow, mellow taking your time smoking a brisket," said Barre. 

The success of Derek's food truck has even prompted him to open College Station's first ever food truck park. 

"It's called Wayside Food Park. We'll be over on Northgate at 203 1st Street, right next to Chimy's and West End Elixir", said Barre. 

Wayside Food Park will be serving a variety of food from crepes and steaks, to tortas and of course DBQ BBQ.

 "It will be much more casual, much more of a Dallas, Houston, Austin place where you know where the food trucks are going to be", said Barre. 

Wayside food park is expected to open in early June just ahead of Summer, but for now you can visit Derek at DBQ Monday through Friday from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m.