Despite the cold temperatures, warmth is being spread in one of Tyler's most popular parks.

Scarves of tied to poles in Rose Rudman, near the new Copeland Road trail head.

The scarves have a laminated tag that says they were not lost, and are free to anyone who is cold. There's easily a dozen of them, and they are in all shapes, sizes and colors.

They were put in the park by Cumberland Academy Middle School students.

"My yearbook staff is committed to public service. They gathered scarves for a week at school and made tags for them as well," LaNita Potter, a teacher at Cumberland Middle School, said via email. "They walked to Rose Rudman Park and tied them to the trees. They wanted to give back to the community, no matter the age."

Ms. Potter said the students gathered about 125 scarves this year and hopes to give out more next year. They are free to any person who needs them, she said.