CBS 19's Tristan Hardy wanted to know where are some spooky places he could visit. Someone suggested Killough's monument and said it was creepy. Killough's monument is in Bullard and it's a cemetery. The grave site is a reminder of the Killough massacre.

Issac Killough, along with his four sons and two daughters, traveled from Alabama to what would be known now as Killough's creek.On October 5, Native Americans attacked his settlement. 18 people including Killough was killed or never seen again. Nowadays, rumor has it, if one stays at the cemetery long enough - the spirits of Killough will try to communicate.

While Hardy was at the cemetery, he came across Lechevia Brooks and her daughter, who said they live five minutes away from the sight. Brooks said she's was spooked by the environment, knowing people were killed there.Her daughter at the time, was feeling adventurous. She thought it'd be a good idea to visit the abandoned hospital in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville hospital in one of the many sites people checked out to get themselves spooked. As they started out as a trip, exploring the unknown, it soon into a retreat. The trip didn't last long, but it's something Hardy and Brooks will come back to.