Fruitvale ISD is back in session after being inhabitable, following destructive tornadoes.

Superintendent Rebecca Bain gave CBS19 a walkthrough of the Fruitvale High School, which she said is the campus with the most damage. Damp ceiling tiles, missing pieces of awning, and peeling floor board are common sights in the high school.

Many classrooms are completely blocked off from water damage.

Bain said the band hall has the most damage. As a result, the band concert scheduled for May 17 has been canceled, and that's not the only big event students are upset about missing out on.

"They were supposed to have prom the night of the tornado, and we had to cancel kind of in the middle of the tornado. We had students who came up to the new gymnasium to stay," Bain said.

Senior Jonathan Sheppard said he and his girlfriend drove to prom, despite severe weather.

"There was one point where it was lightning like crazy. It was right next to the building, and it pretty much broke our eardrums," Sheppard said. "We were terrified for our lives."

The STAAR testing boxes were damaged as well. Faculty pushed state testing back to the end of this week and next week.

Principal Charles Harford said the district will only have one extra day added to the school year. He said the school anticipates all repairs to be completed be the end of summer.

"Being such a small school, it's like a family. It was good seeing them back at school today," Harford said.