An East Texas family is asking for help to pay medical expenses for three-month-old Baby Kimber.

The infant was born with a severe bilateral cleft lip and a complete cleft palate, which means she has no palate in the roof of her mouth. She cannot eat without the help of a NAM device which acts as a temporary palate and helps direct the growth of the upper jaw and gums.

Surgeons will operate on Kimber’s cleft lip in 6 weeks, which is a cosmetic issue. Later, they will operate on her complete cleft palate.

Her family said she will need surgeries over the next 20 years from a team of doctors.

Most of the procedures are not covered by insurance, and according to family members, Kimber’s parents work hard while living paycheck to paycheck. They have three other children as well.

While the family has applied to several agencies for help, they have not yet heard back.

On Saturday July 15, Kimber’s family held a fundraiser in East Mountain featuring music, food and a silent auction.

“We are very thankful to everyone who has helped Kimber, we have a lot of expenses for her surgeries,” Kimber’s parents Corey and Charlene Parr said.

Kimber was born 4 weeks early but despite her difficult start, her parents describe the happy baby as the light of their lives. If you would like to donate, her Go Fund Me page can be found here.

To follow Kimber’s journey to healing, just like her Facebook page.