OVERTON - Lightning flashed behind the dark clouds as Overton residents prepared for heavy rain and more to come. To Paul Alexander, it wasn't the first time he had to deal with severe weather.

"I told my neighbors 'you might want to go inside the rain's coming,'" Alexander said. "I've lived through a few of them [tornado weather] being in East Texas."

Alexander said wind and rain hit Overton hard. He witnessed two funnel clouds coming down during the storm. He said he felt lucky because no one was hurt. Brandy Hughes from the National Weather Service said once there is a storm, they have to document and rate it. It was confirmed an F-1 tornado touched down in Overton.

Hughes said the month of April is usually the peak of severe weather like tornados. She said East Texas is geographically set up for that type of weather.

"The Gulf of Mexico is our moisture source for low level moisture," Hughes said.

According to the NWS, the South and South East winds bring moisture into the area. Combined with dry air coming from West Texas, East Texas is in the middle of it all. However, severe weather shouldn't last long.

"[Spring time] is a transition between Summer and Winter and we get a lot of changes before we move on to just sweltering heat," Hughes said.

In East Texas, 'the calm' is actually after the storm. For Paul Alexander, he said it's something he's lived through. eded