Jefferson, Texas is a city in Marion County with a population just a little over 2,000 people. Tourists are attracted to the city because of its beautiful architecture and rich history.

"Jefferson was originally a river port town that started bringing steam boats to Jefferson in the early 1840s and they were going back and forth between Jefferson and New Orleans," said Jodi Breckenridge, who oversees the Historic Jefferson Ghost Walk Tour.

Breckenridge said in October, the ghost tour also attracts many visitors.

"People seem to think that a lot of the times energy is held in the bricks and the stones and the wood of these old structures and sometimes they just come out and make an appearance," said Breckenridge.

Breckenridge told CBS19, that the Excelsior hotel is the oldest hotel in East Texas. It's the second to oldest in the state. It attracts people from all over the country, even Steven Spielberg has checked in.

"It's really interesting once you hear about Steven Spielberg staying here because they got up in the middle of the night and left because he said he felt as if someone was watching him the whole time he was here," said Breckenridge.

She tells CBS19 one of the most haunted venues is the historic Kahn Saloon. It was recently renovated and turned into a hotel and cafe.

"Guess what they found when they dug up the old floor downstairs? Not bones, not bodies but blood stains," said Breckenridge.

According to Breckenridge, the stains were tested and it was confirmed to be human blood. At least three murders have been recorded at the old Kahn Saloon.

Breckenridge said the Jefferson Hotel is also a popular spot for spiritual activity.

"They hear and see children in the hotel when there is no children to actually see or hear," said Breckenridge.

She said there's an old legend that a bride who was left at the altar hung herself there and now she roams the halls.

"Some people go as far as to say that you can feel someone caress or touch the tops of your hands or the side of your face," said Breckenridge.