Aralyn Walden, 7, was born with Trisomy 8, a rare condition in which she has three copies of chromosome eight. This causes her to have epilepsy, scoliosis, and other health problems.

Aralyn's family is constantly working to help her through the disability. They didn't think fostering a dog would become one way to help Aralyn.

"Since we started fostering Athena, from the first day we noticed she was really drawn to Aralyn,” Aralyn’s mother Whitney says.

Aralyn and her dog, Athena, have built a close relationship, that almost ended yesterday, when her dog dug a hole under the fence and left. Then the dog ran away causing Aralyn to lose her new friend.

Aralyn's family asked the community for help to find the dog, Athena. Walden tells me people from across East Texas went looking for Athena.

They found Athena on the other side of town and reunited her with Aralyn. Athena is not a certified therapy dog, but the family says they consider her one for Aralyn.

To learn more about therapy dogs click here.

Athena is up for adoption, if you would like to learn more about her and adopting other animals please call The Good Dog Academy- (903) 235-0383