Gladewater Police are charging, Gary Dwayne Green,31, with burglary. Police say this morning he broke into First United Methodist Church in Gladewater.

This is the third time the church has been burglarized and Police believe Green is responsible for all three.

Health problems forced officers to take Green to the hospital, before he was later charged and sent to the Gregg County Jail.

Gladewater Police detectives are still questioning him to see if he acted alone or had accomplices.

A computer, keyboard and other church equipment was stolen, all of which Church Pastor Dick Dobbins thinks they will get back.

“I have no doubt the Gladewater Police will help us get our equipment back,” Dobbins says. “We forgive this individual but there are consequences to those actions.”

Gladewater Police tell us if Green is found guilty of burglary he could face up to two years for each break-in.