A father and son duo stopped an aggravated robbery in progress in Tyler over the weekend.

The incident happened around 2:10 p.m. on Sunday in the parking lot of Cumberland Park Shopping Center near Bed, Bath and Beyond according to a spokesperson with the Tyler Police Department, Don Martin.

According to officials, a couple was in the parking lot smoking cigarettes when suspect Chad Boening, 35, approached them with a large knife. Boening reportedly brought the knife to the female's face and stated, "Do you want to see her die?"

Father Terry Nicks said he's never been in this kind of situation, and said he's glad he's properly trained to use a handgun.

"Get plenty of training. Know what to do when a situation happens like this. One thing i do all the time is run over scenarios like this in my head of what I would do," Terry Nick said.

His son, Chase, said he couldn't be more proud of his father.

"I've never seen him react like that, but I am so thankful I was there to witness it all go down," Chase Nick said. "I'm so proud of him."

The Nicks saw the incident from their vehicle nearby and attempted to help the victims. Both witnesses displayed handguns to the suspect and ordered him to drop the knife and to get on the ground. The suspect complied with the order and remained on the ground until an off duty game warden in the area took him into custody until Tyler Police arrived.

Boening was transported to the Smith County Jail and charged with aggravated robbery.