A case of West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease has been reported in Gregg County.

The Texas Department of State Health Services reports even with the cooling temperatures, West Nile illness continues to spread in Texas. 215 cases and ten deaths have been reported in 2016.

Nine cases of West Nile illness have been reported in East Texas counties, including Smith, Angelina, Anderson, Henderson, Wood, and Gregg counties.

According to the DSHS, as many as 80 percent of people who contract the virus will have no symptoms at all. Almost all others will have West Nile fever with symptoms like headache, fever, muscle and joint aches, nausea and fatigue. A very small minority will develop West Nile neuroinvasive disease, a life threatening illness that can cause neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness and paralysis.

In 2015, there were 275 human cases of West Nile illness in Texas, including 16 deaths.