Gregg County Sheriff deputies want you to be on the lookout for people pretending to be county officials. Deputies say thieves are using 903 area codes to tell people that they are receiving a fine for missing jury duty.

Deputies tell us the fine can range between $100 to $500. To collect that fine, thieves want you to purchase a prepaid debit card then call them back to give them the numbers.

One Gregg County resident says he stays skeptical.

"If they call me up and tell me I didn't show up for jury duty and that there's a fee, I would already know that is a lie,” Gregg County resident Kennieth Springer said. ”If anyone is about to get scammed they need to hear the tone of their voice.”

Deputies also tell us the most common number used is 903-483-7829. If you think you're being scammed Gregg County Sheriff deputies advise you to call them. They say it's best to give them a call to make sure it's true than give them your money.