Harrison County Commissioners agreed Monday to file a market change request to the FCC. Precinct four county commissioner Jay Ebarb says many residents do not access to Tyler-Longview news stations.

He adds, this makes it difficult for them to find out what’s going on in East Texas. “In order for me to see East Texas news I have to turn off my cable and go fix my antenna,” Ebarb said.

Also, he says many residents tell him they would rather watch the Dallas Cowboys than New Orleans Saints.

"It would be very beneficial for us to have Tyler-Longview News, we don’t get East Texas information,” Marshall resident Colton Wall said. “During severe weather we need to know what’s going on!

Commissioners also agreed to spend up to five thousand dollars for a consulting firm to help them with the process.

Direct TV and Dish both responded to the market change. Ebarb says, Direct TV welcomes the change, but Dish says they would have to fix their antennas and make many adjustments to conform to the new tv market.

County commissioners say there is no time table to when this change will occur but they hope soon for the residents of Harrison County.