The sting of losing a home is still fresh and Vanity Bell is slowly taking the steps to healing. Bell was one of the many in Canton who lost their home to a tornado, in April 2017. She described life after the tornados to have been rough sometimes.

"Everybody else, the tornado ended four months ago," Bell said. "For me it's everyday."

Tropical Storm Harvey's destruction to Houston is different kind of pain to Bell. She grew up in there. More than a dozen have died, attributed to Harvey. Bell said she contacted her father who's still in Houston. To her, the flooding there is unbelievable.

"It's a helpless feeling," Harvey said.

Back in April, four people died from the tornados in Canton. Four tornados swept through the city and dozens were injured - sent to the hospital. Bell understands to lose everything to severe weather. She encourages people affected by Harvey to stay close to family and friends.

I was reported the sun came out in Houston, to some that's a sign of hope. Despite the how much people have endured, Bell said it will get better. In the meantime, after experiencing so much trauma, she said people need a time to grieve.

"House is 'stuff'," Bell said. "That's what I learned when I lost all mine."