PITTSBURG - All of Paul Foster's hard work will be paid off. East Texans exclusively had the chance to see his finished project, Unwanted: The Movie. It's a horror film set in Pittsburg, Texas. A couple moved into a house, but they experienced paranormal activity while living inside.

"They should expect something entertaining in the end," Foster said. "They're gonna learn something from the film."

Carla and Robert Peoples are the owners of the Holman house. It's a historical landmark that's been around for than 100 years.

"The house on a daily basis, something always happens here," Carla said.

The Holman family used to live there, Carla said their spirits wander around. She said she sees Mr. Holman frequently and has talked to 'Little Mary'. Peoples said their doors open and close, sometimes locking people in or out of places.

Peoples claimed the Holman spirits aren't the type to scare someone out of the house, they're just interactive. Foster said the house was perfect for the movie.

"They really really wanted me to film in their house, it's historically accurate," Foster said.

He claimed he wasn't easily spooked by the house, but he admitted there were times he felt like someone was watching him.

Foster planned to will audition his movie in the New York Horror Film Festival.