A health status report released by UT Health Northeast reveals troubling data relating to the rising infant mortality rate in East Texas.

The figures contained in the report show that the Northeast Texas region has the 2nd highest infant mortality rate in Texas.

Mothers around East Texas responded to the newly released data on Friday.

Faith Simon, mother to a 3-year-oid girl, said that she thinks "parents should try a parenting class before they do actually give birth and probably seek more medical education during their pregnancy."

Data in the report also showed that nearly half of all expecting mothers in the Northeast Texas region did not visit a doctor during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Also, investigators found one of the most tragic racial disparities in the data suggested that the infant mortality rate was more than double than that of African Americans from 2011 to 2013.

Tammy Iviy, a mother of four, recently moved to East Texas from California and said that "you guys need a road map or something"" when asked about hthe difficulty she has experienced assessing healthcare.

Health experts say being born prematurely is the leading cause of infant death. Other prenatal risk factors include smoking during pregnancy and obesity.