Fireworks will light up the skies on July 4th, but for pets, these noise makers frighten them.

"Pets are just like their owners and exhibit fear to loud noises." Dog owner Chris Bridges said. "We have to listen to their cues that they need help."

Loud noise anxiety is common among many pets but there are ways to help.

Giving your pet a Thundershirt to add a soft compression that makes your pet think they are not alone.

Placing a blanket over your pet's crate, this helps to reduce fear.

Also, asking your veterinarian about medications. These tips can help your pet deal with loud noise, and potentially run away.

Veterinarians tell us micro chipping is one of the best ways to locate your dog in an emergency.

Many dogs that show anxiety can run and become lost, making it very difficult to find their way back home.

It is important to ask your veterinarian about any questions to your pets health.