In response to the growing number of homeless in East Texas, the non-profit group “Hiway 80 Rescue Mission” is expanding it’s services into the Tyler area.

According to the group’s director Eric Burger, their Longview office handles homeless seeking assistance from the Tyler area on a routine basis.

Burger says that Hiway 80 plans on opening “a crisis center that will offer drug and alcohol rehabilitation services as well as transition programs.”

However, Tyler City Council member Don Warren insists that helping the homeless continues to be one of the city’s top priorities and that the city council believes supporting non-profit organizations is the best way to fix the issue.

“What the city has really done is somewhat gotten out of the way and is letting non-profits take care of the homeless population,” Warren said.

As a result, non-profits like Hiway 80 are feeling the pressure, providing services to an expanding group of homeless East Texans looking for help.