A couple in Dallas was trapped as their car burned, all because of faulty body work. They won $42 million after suing their insurance company, who approved the bad repairs. While that was in 2013, the story of what happened that day is far from over.

The car is at Burl's Collision Center in Henderson. They are repairing the car the wrong way, all to protect others from going through what happened to the Dallas family.

"This is serious. We're putting our customers and our consumers and Texas families are putting their trust in us to repair our vehicles safely," said Burl Richards, the owner of Burl's Collision Center.

He's repairing the barely recognizable Honda Fit.

A couple was nearly killed during a head-on collision in 2013, all because of faulty repairs.

Richards said a Dallas body shop used a cheaper, untested repair method for fixing hail damage on the car.

The shop glued on the roof instead of welding it, which is what the manufacturer recommended.

"The fact that they lived and can tell the story is what's really resonated," he said.

Todd Tracy with Tracy Law Firm in Dallas specializes in vehicle safety cases. He is the same lawyer that helped that Dallas couple win their lawsuit.

Tracy takes safety so serious he's paying to have their car put through a crash test in California.

The shop will repair the totaled Honda the same way Dallas body shop did before the accident. They'll also send another Honda Fit, straight from factory, and a Honda Fit with repairs made using parts from overseas.

He's hoping for results that make a change, and sends a message to lawmakers.

"These are not repair experts," Richards said. "These people do not work on vehicles. So, why are you letting them dictate the repair?"

The cars will be sent off on December 5.