Two young Mabank children are dead and Henderson County investigators say their mother is responsible. 29-year-old Sarah Nicole Henderson is in the Henderson County jail, charged with capital murder. Her daughters were five and seven-years-old. The investigation is a collaborative effort with the Texas rangers and Child Protective Services.

Henderson County's Sheriff, Botie Hillhouse says Emergency Medical Services first took a call about 11:29 in the evening. The call was regarding a woman who was possibly suicidal, on Forest Lane Drive. EMS was soon told their services wasn't needed. Deputies went out anyway, but when they checked, there weren't any signs of distress. Deputies were called back to the house again, three hours later. This time, Henderson's husband said his wife shot her two daughters. Sheriff Hillhouse said the office is trying to understand why it happened.

"Our records indicate that we've had minor contact with her over the past few years," Hillhouse said.

In 2015, Sheriff Hillhouse said deputies were called to her home about a 'verbal disturbance', loud talking. In 2017, a call was made about a suspicious car parked in the neighborhood.

CBS 19 reached out to the Child Protective Services and they revealed Henderson had one case in 2010. Since then, there hasn't been contact. One neighbor who lives near the Henderson's knew of her children. Jaylin Palmer said they would visit her home to play, draw and described them as kind children. She said the news of their murder was difficult to grasp.

"It's very upsetting," Palmer said. "I've never had anything tragic like that happen so close to us [her and her husband]."

Mabank ISD's superintendent, Dr. Russell Marshall released a statement in part:

"Please bathe the Southside campus with your thoughts and prayers at this trying time."

The sheriff's office is seeking a capital murder grand jury indictment. The children's bodies were sent to Dallas for a forensic exam.