A Lindale woman was driving down a Smith County road late Tuesday night when a driver flashed their lights at her for miles. Calling herself a trusting person, she pulled over, and said she was sexually harassed.

Jean Curnutt was driving down County Road 849.

"Nothing was really weird at first, and then he started bright-lighting me. Like, a bunch," she said.

She pulled over, thinking the driver wanted to pass her. Instead, he got out of the car, and said things too vulgar to mention.

"You're really pretty. Where are you going? Are you married? I said, 'where have you seen me?' He said, 'I've seen you in Tyler,'" she recounted.

That's when she said fight or flight kicked in.

Lieutenant Darrell Coslin with the Smith County Sheriff's Office says you should never pull over for anyone, other than authorities.

"All emergency vehicles are equipped with lights that are red and blue," he said.

If you feel like you need to, Coslin said find a public place before stopping.

"You might want to go somewhere that's populated. Store parking lot. A local police station," he said.

Curnutt said she never called the police, and she didn't report the incident.