Hollywood is on the way to East Texas.

Micah Lyons, an East Texas native turned Hollywood producer and director is currently working on his second film in the Piney Woods.

It’s called “No Man’s Land”, a western movie set in the 1800s. The film is in pre-production now with filming set for March.

The Breath of Life Productions president describing it as a cross between “Magnificent 7” and “Indiana Jones”.

The movie will be filmed in 15 different locations in Marshall, Jefferson, Gilmer, Hallsville and Blanco.

Not only is East Texas the perfect region for the film but Lyons believes the talent is perfect as well.

“East Texas is rich with talent, so we’re going to be casting over 100 people from East Texas in the movie.” Lyons said.

Not only is this movie being filmed here but Breath of Life Productions is looking to have a studio in Marshall. The production company has put a bid on the old Marshall Junior High, a location that also has sentimental value to Lyons.

“My mom actually went to high school there and then it became the junior high.” He said.

It might be a sentimental spot, but what it will become would provide a boost to the economy.

“We believe that our plan (for the studio) is going to really win Marshall over and create hundreds of jobs and lots of educational opportunities… there are caterers, there are accountants, there are attorneys and security, and truck drivers, and carpenters. There’s all kinds of jobs that we are going to need to fill that are not actors and not crew related.” Lyons said.

The plan is to slowly renovate the inside while still preserving the historic exterior.

Part of those renovations include retail spaces on the second floor.

The outside of the building would be used by big productions from around the world using it for exterior school shots or even just as a historic building.

Planning on bringing movie after movie to the area, Lyons brings up another movie he will be producing around Christmas, and this one isn’t a western. It’s a sci-fi movie.

No Man’s Land will have an open casting call coming up soon. Dates and times can be found here.

If you want to help with the production of the movie you can do so here.